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The early years

Alfred Kramer, an outstanding wine broker, with his nephew Théo Spahni at the l'Évéché cellar in Sion (Provins), during the prodduction of a short film promoting Valais wines.


A family business

Théo and his son Jacques who, having obtained a B.A. in Economics, broadened his knowledge of oenology and viticulture, and through visits to a number of vineyards abroad, built up a solid, professional network.

The wine broker

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of the market, the wine broker examines the requirements of the buyer and the seller and maintains contact with both parties until an agreement has been reached.


Grape brokerage

Inspired by a Californian brokerage firm (The Ciatti Co.) as well as the current system in the Champagne Jacques introduced and developed grape brokerage. This is greatly appreciated by oenologists who can vinify what they buy, as if it came from their own vineyards.


Jacques, Théo and Daniel, who is carrying on the family tradition, working with new technologies in order to bring brokerage into the digital era.

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